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Maisa Rouzer, NP

In the realm of medical aesthetics, success is often determined by the positive impact one has on others. Maisa Rouzer, a renowned Nurse Practitioner and the heart and soul of this medical aesthetic clinic is defined not only by her expertise and knowledge but also by her dedication to patient care. Maisa started her career with a bachelor's degree in human resource management and marketing.  She quickly saw she enjoyed caring for others over the business, and at that point, she returned to school for massage therapy.  Soon after receiving that degree, she found nursing.  She has worked in many medical and surgical specialties, became a nurse practitioner, and eventually established an aesthetic clinic.

Massage therapy and critical care nursing served as Maisa's stepping stones to becoming a nurse practitioner in medical aesthetics. Early on, she realized the profound effect personalized care could have on physical and emotional healing. Maisa's passion for healing grew along with her desire to learn more. In 2008, she began her challenging nursing career, earning a degree with distinction. Her nursing career taught her empathy, patience, and holistic care, values she would carry forward into her future. During her years of bedside patient care, Maisa always advocated for her patients, treating them with the utmost respect. In 2018, she became a nurse practitioner, working in the clinic, hospital, and operating room to create a well-rounded knowledge of the patients under her care. Her unwavering commitment to patient care paved the way for her triumph in medical aesthetics.

With her extensive knowledge of nutrition, wellness, fitness, and surgical medicine, Maisa was uniquely prepared to enter the field of medical aesthetics. She understands that beauty is more than skin deep, and that true aesthetic transformation requires focusing on external appearance and inner well-being. Through her leadership, we have transformed our clinic into an environment where patients receive customized treatment plans that enhance their natural beauty and promote their overall health and vitality.

Maisa Rouzer's journey culminated with the opening of our medical aesthetic clinic. She has taken this clinic and her patients to new heights because of her vision, expertise, and unwavering dedication.

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