Kirkland, Washington


Kirkland, Washington

Biostimulators like Radiesse and Sculptra are innovative anti-aging treatments that enhance the body's natural collagen production, essential for maintaining skin structure and firmness. These injectables deliver substances that trigger the skin's collagen synthesis, improving skin quality and volume over time. Radiesse is particularly effective for enhancing facial contours such as the cheeks and jawline, while Sculptra aims to reduce deeper folds and wrinkles, especially around the mouth and nose. By targeting specific areas, these biostimulators ensure natural-looking results and significant improvements in skin texture.


Biostimulators are ideal for individuals seeking non-surgical solutions for aging signs, such as skin laxity, volume loss, or deep-set wrinkles. The treatment is suitable for adults noticing the early or advanced signs of aging and wishing to restore a youthful appearance. Results from biostimulators can be seen within a few weeks as the body begins to produce new collagen, with full effects typically noticeable within a few months. For those interested in exploring the benefits of biostimulators in Kirkland, WA, Lake Washington Medical Aesthetics invites you to book an appointment to learn what these treatments can do for your skin.

Benefits of Biostimulator Treatments

Promotes natural collagen production.

Enhances skin texture and volume.

Provides a non-surgical anti-aging solution.

Targets specific areas for treatment.

Offers long-lasting results.

Minimal downtime required.

Suitable for various signs of aging.

It can improve both early and advanced signs of aging.

It helps restore facial contours.

Yields natural-looking outcomes.

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