agnes rf
Non-Surgical Lifts

Kirkland, Washington

agnes rf
Non-Surgical Lifts

Kirkland, Washington

Taking your beauty to new heights!

Looking for a non-surgical alternative to traditional cosmetic lifts? Lake Washington Medical Aesthetics is pleased to offer Agnes RF, a groundbreaking precision RF technology that’s taken the medical aesthetics world by storm. The transformative procedure lifts, tightens, and smooths, delivering a more sculpted, contoured you. Be prepared to be amazed!


Introducing Agnes RF - Radiofrequency Microneedling

Agnes RF is a breakthrough technology that offers skin tightening, lifting, and contouring without surgery. Originally created as a cure for acne, the cornerstone aesthetic device delivers RF energy deep into the skin through micro-insulated needles, distributing radiofrequency energy at precise temperatures to generate a tissue response while keeping the skin’s surface intact.

Agnes RF offers numerous benefits. The unique, minimally invasive RF microneedling device can sculpt, shape, and contour, delivering firmer, tighter-looking skin. The revolutionary technology stimulates collagen and elastin production, healing and tightening the skin from within with unmatched, long-lasting results.

What Can Agnes RF Treatment Do for You?

Agnes RF can treat virtually any skin type or tone. It helps remove localized pockets of fat, sculpting the face and jaw, and minimizing under-eye bags. The precision microneedling device provides a non-surgical alternative to brow lifts, eyelid lifts, nose lifts, facelifts, jowl treatments, breast lifts, and more.

Agnes RF minimizes the double chin, contours the neck area, provides jawline definition, smooths away fine lines and wrinkles, and promotes dermal health. Wherever you have loose or sagging skin, Agnes RF may be the perfect solution for you.

Aside from non-surgical lifts, the fully customizable treatment is clinically proven to improve skin tone and texture and minimize photoaging, acne, acne scars, and stretch marks. No other device can begin to compare with the results Agnes RF offers without the downtime and side effects of cosmetic surgery.

What Makes Agnes RF Unique?

Agnes RF sets itself apart from other microneedling devices in several ways. Each of the device’s microneedles has an insulated coating, which helps prevent damage to the surrounding tissues and minimizes downtime and recovery time. The next-generation device adds unparalleled precision to aesthetic procedure, allowing us to customize treatments to your specific needs.

What Can You Expect During Agnes RF Treatment?

Agnes RF treatment can take anywhere from 15-30 minutes, depending on your unique needs. We start by numbing the treatment area for your comfort. You may feel warm, light pressure, but you should not feel pain. After your procedure, you may experience some mild redness and prickling sensation in the treatment area, which should soon subside. We recommend limiting sun exposure for at least 48 hours to keep your treated skin protected.

Most individuals report a noticeable improvement after just one Agnes RF treatment. However, some individuals require up to three treatment sessions spaced two to three months apart for the best results. You should see continued improvement in your skin’s health, tightness, and radiance in the few months after treatment as collagen and elastin production continues.

Agnes Non-Surgical Lifts Near Me in Kirkland, WA

If you would like to learn more about our non-surgical alternative to traditional lifts, contact Lake Washington Medical Aesthetics to schedule a consultation. Our experienced nurse practitioner will create a customized treatment plan for unmatched skin tightening and contouring without the discomfort or downtime associated with surgical lifts.

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*Note: Treatment results may vary from person to person

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