Hair Restoration

Kirkland, Washington

Hair Restoration

Kirkland, Washington

Taking your beauty to new heights!

Lake Washington Medical Aesthetics is pleased to offer DE|RIVE hair restoration, a patented technology specifically formulated for hair and scalp health. The non-invasive topical treatment is offered in conjunction with AquaFirme, an advanced skincare platform that delivers hydration and nourishment deep within the skin. We look forward to helping you restore your hair's natural beauty.


Introducing DE|RIVE - Daily Hair Support System

The DE|RIVE Daily Hair Support System is a patented plant-based serum that helps nourish the scalp, improving hair health and thickness. Unlike other products, the proprietary hair regrowth and scalp support serum is natural, hormone-free, and made from plant factors. The innovative hair restoration solution combines in-office treatments with at-home care products to address hair thinning with beautifully natural results.

But how does DE|RIVE hair restoration work? We start with an in-office treatment, cleansing the scalp, while infusing Aquafirme Detox exosome serum, next we apply DE|RIVE Hair and Scalp Serum to your scalp using our AquaFirme platform. That helps remove dead cells from around the hair follicles, decrease inflammation, and increase hydration and blood flow to the area, all of which contribute to your ability to grow thicker, fuller hair.

For optimal results, the patient will apply at-home topical treatment for continuous scalp support. DE|RIVE helps revitalize the scalp and nourishes hair follicles, triggering hair regrowth. Most people report a noticeable improvement in their hair health and appearance following treatment within the first month.

What Can You Expect During Your DE|RIVE Treatment?

Your transformative AquaFirme treatment for scalp and hair health will start with an infusion of our DETOX serum to balance and detoxify your scalp. Next, we will apply DE|RIVE using the AquaFirme ultrasound handpiece to stimulate your hair follicles. We typically recommend 3-4 treatments scheduled 3-4 weeks apart for the best results. 

What Makes DE|RIVE Unique?

DE|RIVE hair restoration is a completely non-invasive procedure that does not involve injections, harsh chemicals, or surgery. The process is painless and requires no downtime, providing dramatic results without interrupting your life. The results can be seen as soon as one month after treatment, with the full effects showing at around 6-12 months. With DE|RIVE, you can optimize your hair health and appearance while preventing further hair loss.

Who Is a Candidate for DE|RIVE Hair Restoration?

DE|RIVE is safe for anyone wanting to restore thinning hair. It is effective for treating most forms of hair loss, including male and female pattern baldness, known as androgenetic alopecia, autoimmune alopecia, stress-related hair loss, and post-COVID hair thinning or loss. The best way to determine whether DE|RIVE is right for you is to visit Lake Washington Medical Aesthetics. Our experienced medical provider will evaluate your unique needs and recommend the best solution to achieve your desired results.

DE|RIVE Hair Restoration Near Me in Kirkland, WA

If you would like to learn more about DE|RIVE hair restoration, contact Lake Washington Medical Aesthetics to schedule a consultation. Our experienced nurse practitioner will help you get on track to thicker, fuller, and healthier-looking hair.

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*Note: Treatment results may vary from person to person

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